Found Beauty

If you have been given a card it is because one of us saw something in you we would like to shoot. Have a look through our blog and images here as well as on to help you decide if you want to shoot with us.

The deal is simple – we won’t charge at all for the session and we will give you low resolution files from which you can print as many 4″x6″ photos as you want or use for Facebook/Instagram. In return you will sign a model release form allowing us to use the photos for our own publicity (website or ads) or to submit as editorials to magazines. We won’t be able to sell the photos on for advertising or anything like that without your permission and an appropriate payment.


If you fill in the form below we will be in touch to fix a time and discuss any other arrangements that need to be made. Anyone under 18 will need a parent present who will be the main signatory on the model release form. You can bring a chaperone even if you are over 18 and would feel more comfortable – even better if your chaperone would like to join you in front of the camera (send a photo of them as well).

Describe when is good for you - ie "Tue/Wed evenings after 5:30"

Pittencrief ParkBlairadam Wood (Kelty)Silver Sands (Aberdour)Your HomeOther

In figure hugging clothes so I can prepare to shoot for your body type.

Used for model release and to know who I am shooting with.